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Architecture and History of the Bruderhof

Like the Bollenhut, the hipped roof represents the Black Forest in the entire world. Like a herd of monolithic sculptures, they still exist side by side in some places in the Black Forrest, for example in Menzenschwand. These traditional houses for this region, represent a great calm and serenity. When the shingle cladding was renewed, the year 1679 was discovered in the area of the house entrance, which indicates the year of construction of the Bruderhof. The Bruderhof is seen as the oldest house in Menzenschwand.
  • Front View Bruderhof
    Front View Bruderhof

    This drawing shows the Bruderhof from the front. All floors and the threshing floor can be seen. It will soon be seen whether the house will actually be converted in this way. 

  • West View of the building
    West View of the building

    The picture shows the view from west to the current planning phase. Windows for proper light and gables are already included in the planning.

  • Front View from the north
    Front View from the north

    Ansicht Forderfront the Bruderhofes mit Schindelmantel der im Rahmen des Umbaus auch erhalten bleiben soll

Our concept

It took some time to think of how we use and what we would like to do with the Bruderhof. There were different ideas during this intensive period, which took several years. Some of these ideas were analyzed and discussed intensively. Due to our close relationships to the startup scene, where we are constantly confronted with new forms of work, we came across the idea of a decentralized innovation, seminar and communication house. We are convinced that the cooperation among people will change significantly in the future and that is why we believe that the locations and “spaces” of working together will also develop significantly. In our view, the current situation on the globe with the COVID-19 pandemic will only exacerbate this. The Bruderhof will offer 12-14 fully equipped bed rooms, conference rooms, a lounge, an adventure kitchen, a large sun terrace with a view towards Feldberg, a sauna and offices, space and space for a new, modern and different way of working together. The old building should also function as a technology laboratory and innovation laboratory, which is technically ensured by an optical fiber line. We plan to rent the Bruderhof as a whole to companies, groups and interested parties for at least 2-3 days and to round off the offer with various services such as cooking events, regional offers and e-bikes or others.


Construction Design

The considerations of how we use the Bruderhof took some time, actually years. We started with the idea of holiday apartments. Then it was considered to redesign the Bruderhof with rented flats. After re-thinking again, we came to a hybrid model, with different forms of use. Finally, through our engagement and tight links to the start-up science, we found destination of a decentralized innovation-, conference and event house. The house will not only provide accommodation for its guests, but also an environment for innovative, outside the box thinking and fresh thoughts and collaboration. Further amenities for the guest like sauna, an event kitchen for kitchen events, a sundeck with view to the Feldberg, a lounge to discuss, work or chill some time. It is planned that the Bruderhof will open its doors to their community by End of 2021, beginning 2022.



Become a supporter of this unique project and support us on our way, very easily and 100% without any obligations. We are looking for companies, startups, intuitions, business schools and universities and individuals that are interested in using the Bruderhof in the future, or simple are interesting in the project and what we do. We are looking for humans, companies and institutions who might be inspired by our project, ideas and thoughts.

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The photo gallery shows photos of the Bruderhof as well gives you impressions of the landscape around Menzenschwand. We will constantly upload new photos to the gallery and strive to document the reconstruction work which will happen very soon. Stay tuned for new photos that we will be releasing shortly.



Menzenschwand is located in the southern Black Forest at an altitude of 850 - 1,350 m above sea level. Menzenschwand is a climatic health resort, winter sports area, nature reserve and biosphere village. Menzenschwand consists of three village centers, Vorderdorf, Mitteldorf and Hinterdorf, and has almost 550 inhabitants. The village is located in the valley of the Menzenschwander Alb, which descends to the south from the 1493-meter-high Feldberg, and which joins the western Bernauer Alb above St. Blasien. Menzenschwand can be easily reached from Freiburg, Zurich or Basel in about an hour.